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Mammography for Women with Disabilities: Training for the Mammography Technologist

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Women with disabilities have long constituted an invisble population subset for women's health. National data shows that women with disabilities receive consistent mammograms less often than the rest of the population. Breast Health Access for Women with Disabilities (BHAWD) and mammography technologists have designed this self- learning course to assist you in providing quality mammography services for women with disabilities. This self- learning activity has been approved for 1.5 CE Credits by the ASRT.

The learning goals of BHAWD's DVD and booklet self-learning module
"Mammography for Women with Disabilities: Training for the Mammography Technologist" are:

  1. To recognize the need for mammography screening and education for women with disabilities;\
  2. To identify barriers to receiving regular mammograms;
  3. To identify solutions to remove barriers;
  4. To learn adapted positioning techniques and use of supportive equipment; and
  5. To increase knowledge of effective communication strategies.

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