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Starting October 1, the Telecommunications Relay Service will be even easier to reach... just dial "711"

By October 1, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires all telecommunications companies to provide three-digit 711 dialing for access to the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS). Customers will be able to dial 711 for TRS assistance from any wireless, wire line or pay phone.

TRS provides a communications link between people with hearing or speech disabilities using a text telephone (TTY) and people who use voice phones. Although existing 800 numbers will remain in effect, implementation of 711 dialing nationwide will make it easier to use TRS, especially if you're traveling from state to state.

By dialing 711, you'll reach a TRS center. A communications assistant at the center sets up a connection between the TTY caller and the phone user and "relays" the discussion by typing in the voice-conversation and speaking the text message. All communications assistants have been specially trained to help conversations flow with ease and accuracy. All calls are handled with total privacy.

Starting October 1, you can dial 711 to reach TRS 24 hours a day, every day. There's no charge for dialing 711. You can also use the existing toll-free 800 numbers to reach the California relay center. These numbers and additional information can be found in the Customer Guide section of your Pacific Bell White Pages under "Pacific Bell Accessibility Resources". Please note that 711 is to be used to reach the TRS. For EMERGENCIES you should continue to use 911.

Reminder - If you have PBX equipment, it may be necessary to make changes in that equipment to allow for 711 dialing. Please contact your equipment vendor is you need assistance.

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